Bible Study Projects for Victims of Abuse

This morning, I awoke with very sad thoughts for those who have been abused. No current counseling situations sparked these thoughts, but they would not leave me. The Spirit of God used them, however, to quickly turn my attention to the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, and to ponder His great suffering on our behalf. The abuse He endured is painful to imagine. Indeed, He is a sympathetic Savior for those who have been abused.

The following Bible study assignments can be given to help the victim of abuse. They come from biblical counselor Jim Newheiser, author of HELP! Someone I Love Has Been Abused. Included in the back of this counseling booklet are practical application projects. In addition to giving very practical counsel to ensure the future safety of the abused, Jim provides a number of Bible study projects that will renew the mind of the victim with God’s truth. Here are four of them.

Learn from Joseph. Read about Joseph’s life in Genesis 37–50.
What parallels exist between what happened to Joseph and what has happened to you?
How did Joseph overcome the temptation to vengeance and bitterness?
How was Joseph able to forgive his brothers?
In what specific ways can you follow Joseph’s example in your situation? How can you bless those who have hurt you?

Read Psalm 10.
How does the knowledge of God’s omniscience (knowing everything) and justice comfort you?
Write out your own paraphrase of Psalm 10 in light of your own situation.

Read Hebrews 4:14–16.
Why is Christ fully able to sympathize with you?
How was his suffering greater than your suffering?
How is Jesus able to help you in your suffering?

Read 1 Peter 2:23–25; 3:18.
What kinds of abuse did Jesus suffer?
How did he respond to those who abused him?
Why did he suffer?
Have you been reconciled (brought back) to God through repentant faith in Christ?

Another valuable counseling resource for victims of abuse is Sue Nicewander’s HELP! I Feel Ashamed

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