The Diverse, Unified, and Powerful Word

The congregation of College Park Church in Indianapolis were the gracious hosts of this year’s NANC annual conference. Monday evening, Mark Vroegop, pastor of College Park, opened up the conference with a wonderful exposition of Psalm 19:7-11. He demonstrated the completeness of God’s Word and its sufficiency for the counseling of our hearts by noting its six effects. Take some time to walk yourself through this text and meditate on the wonders of His Word.

  1. The perfect Word brings revival (v. 7a)
  2. The trustworthy Word gives wisdom (v. 7b)
  3. The truth of the Word brings joy (v. 8a)
  4. The radiance of the Word gives light (v. 8b)
  5. The fear of the Word is clean and endures (v. 9a)
  6. The righteous Word satisfies (v. 9b-10)

As a result, by the words of God we are warned and “in keeping them there is great reward” (v. 11). What a glorious gift God has given to us in His Word!

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