Nuggets [1/4/13]

Take time to glean biblically-informed wisdom from the following helpful articles:

The Christian Introvert – Tim Challies, through personal testimony to which I totally relate, provides one of the best, balanced, and concise explanations of why the term “introvert” can sometimes be helpful in a descriptive way, but never in defining who any of us may be as redeemed children of God.

Hope for Prodigal Children – Burk Parsons expresses that his greatest concern is for those parents who are not burdened for the souls of their prodigal children and then offers sound biblical counsel.

Should a Christian Photographer Work at a Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony? – Russell Moore thinks this through biblically with sensitivity and grace.

CCEF’s Ten Most Read Blog Posts of 2012 – Ed Welch and Winston Smith provide lots of counsel on a variety of topics including intimacy in marriage and psychiatric medications.

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