NUGGETS – Battling Lust [3/15/13]

Here are three resources to help you, or someone you are counseling, win the war against lust.

F.L.E.E. – A Strategy for Sexual Purity – “It is good news that we are not condemned in Christ, and it is good news that we are no longer slaves to sin. My friends, flee from sexual immorality.”

Porn Circuit – “Science shows us why the brain can so easily become obsessed with pornography, and it also explains the mechanics behind porn addiction. But aside from complex scientific terms, God has been trying to tell us these things for thousands of years.”

3 Critical Steps to Making a Covenant with Your Eyes and Overcoming Lust  – “[W]hen lust is baying at the door, I don’t often have time dissect the temptation. I only have time to react. At those times, a scalpel is not the right weapon. I need a sword. This is the second front for fighting lust: Devising godly habits of reaction.”

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