Mental Illness & the Church

This morning, the Biblical Counseling Coalition posted a wise and thoughtful article on the subject of mental illness, written by Jeremy Pierre. Please take time to read it in full. Here’s the first few paragraphs:

“Many are grieving with Rick and Kay Warren over the loss of their son Matthew to suicide. And many are paying attention to something we typically find hard to think about. Mental illness in the church has taken the headlines.

But to have a productive conversation, we’ll need to avoid a couple of unhelpful ways of talking about it. The most obvious one, I think, is to discuss the private state of Matthew’s mind or surmise what condition he suffered from. I imagine those closest to Matthew are suffering enough under the why question, and they don’t need all of us to figure it out for them.

Another unhelpful way to go about this conversation is to lob generalities at the church regarding its failure to adequately care for those with mental illness. I’ve never seen generalities change anything except people’s blood pressure.”

Click here to read the full article.

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