NUGGETS [4/24/13]

Here’s a few things I’ve read in the past few days. Just a forewarning, the last two are pretty lengthy.

Same-Sex Marriage as a Civil Right–Are Wrongs Rights?Answers in Genesis asked Counseling One Another to recommend some resources for a sidebar to this important article by Albert Mohler, who writes, “The advocates for the normalization of homosexuality and the legalization of same-sex marriage have used legal arguments developed from the civil rights era to their advantage. Arguments used to end the scourge of racial segregation were deployed to normalize homosexuality and homosexual relationships.”

Sorting Out the Spiritual and the Physical – Mike Emlet, M.D. writes, “[W]en you get into the issues of mood and intellect, that’s where you really see the worldview assumptions coming to bear. Interestingly, even as a Christian physician, all the bio-medical and the physical training I had received caused me to unwittingly and artificially separate the two spheres.”

X-Ray Questions: Discerning Functional Gods – This is at least the third time I’ve read this important article on human motivation by David Powlison. It’s a great tool for self-counseling. “Unbelievers are wholly owned by ungodly motives—their functional gods. Yet true believers are often severely compromised, distracted, and divided by our functional gods as well. Thankfully, grace reorients us, purifies us, and turns us back to our Lord. Grace makes our professed God and functional God one and the same.”

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