Some of us are more prone to negative thinking patterns than others and, therefore, must constantly discipline ourselves to think on positive things that exalt and glorify God. So when a sister in Christ in our church recently shared what the Lord is teaching her in this area of her Christian life, I was encouraged to again be more deliberate to “think on these things” (Phil 4:8). She graciously gave me permission to share her poem with you.

Lord, help me as I face each day
With trials great and small,
For discouragement comes easy,
I often stumble and I fall.

For as I trod this beaten path,
It seems around each bend
Is one who wishes to destroy
And bring me to my end.

When I think on things untrue,
Not honorable, pure, or right;
I only please the evil one,
I become my enemy’s delight.

Lord, break me from this vicious cycle.
Turn my downward thoughts to Thee.
Lift up my head and fix my gaze
On YOU, not selfish me!

Help me learn from every trial;
Lord, teachable may I be!
Forsaking all my sin and pride,
Knowing YOU more intimately.

May all I do and think and say
Be excellent and worthy of praise,
My focus on You alone my God
Through all life’s different days.

Help me to see Your goodness, Lord,
For what You’re doing and what You’ve done.
For all is sovereignly ordained,
Every day, yes, every one!

So as I trudge this rough terrain,
May I praise Thee and be thankful.
For I realize my cup is not half-empty,
Now I see it as half-full!

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