Dear Pastoral Soldiers…

Dear Paul and all other gospel-preaching pastors,

As the Memorial Day weekend is upon us, I wanted to send you all a very personal note after reading yesterday’s wonderful blog post….to give you my perspective of pastors.

Memorial Day is a day when we traditionally honor those who have answered the call to defend our nation and served….and fallen….in the service of our country. I want to extend that a bit and include those who have answered a higher calling….into the service of our Lord…and the defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The fight against the arrows and darts of the Prince of Darkness is no different, and no less difficult, than facing flying lead.

I want you all to know that this weekend—as I squeeze into my dress blues to MC yet another Memorial Day service—my thoughts will not be contained to our military heroes…but also to you all….my heroes in the cause of Christ. I am as proud of you as with any other group with which I have served.

You all are not honored by a special day, or a ribbon or medal, but one day we all shall be rewarded with something far more precious….the Crown of Life.

God Bless you all.

Tim Goerz
SGM 5th Special Forces
US Army(Ret)

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