Relax, God Is with You

“Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10, ESV).

“Cease striving and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10, NAS).

The marginal notes in the New American Standard Bible says “Cease striving” means “let it go, relax.” How do we let it go? How do we relax? How do we rest in the Lord?

According to Psalm 46, we rest in the Lord by beholding His works (v.8), by reminding ourselves of who He is for us now the hymn writer’s words are our personal reality, “I am His and He is mine.” What does Psalm 46 teach us about resting in the Lord? What reasons do we have to relax, to trust Him? Go get your Bible and walk through this soul-strengthening Psalm.

  1. God is. God has always been; He is now; He always will be. Jesus was, is, and is to come (v. 1).
  2. God is our refuge, our hiding place, our security, our protection and our Protector (v. 1).
  3. God is our strength, our power to rest (v. 1).
  4. God is very present (v. 1).
  5. God is very present in times of trouble (v. 1).
  6. God is our help, a very present help, and our Helper (v. 1).
  7. God is stable, unchanging in an ever-changing world (vv. 2-3).
  8. Peace and security are found only in His presence (vv. 4-5).
  9. Though the nations roar against Him, God will melt the earth with His voice (v. 6).
  10. God is with us (v. 7).
  11. God is our stronghold, our fort (v. 7).
  12. God is the Judge of all, the King of the earth (vv. 8-9).
  13. God will one-day occupy His rightful place as King of the nations (v. 10).
  14. God has an innumerable host of angels to discharge at His will (v. 11).
  15. God is our stronghold, our fort (v. 11).

Let this beautiful hymn from Keith and Kristyn Getty minister to your heart as well.

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