You Came to Us, Dear Jesus

Here’s a beautiful new hymn that has ministered to my soul in recent days. It’s from the album Safely Home by St. Andrews’ Hymns and is also included in the Trinity Hymnal. The lyrics by Edmond P. Clowney are tremendous and I love how he incorporated a verse from And Can It Be? into the refrain.

You came to us, dear Jesus in our dying
As broken bleeding, we could make no sign
Compassion Lord, brought You where we were lying
To lift us up, to pour on oil and wine

You came to us, dear Jesus in our yearning
As faint and famished, we before You stood
Compassion Lord, our emptiness discerning
Moved You to multiply the loaves for food


My chains fell off my heart was free
I rose went forth, and followed Thee
Tis mercy all immense and free
For oh my God it found out me

You came to us, dear Jesus in our sighing
For blind and lame and paralyzed we lay
Compassion Lord, turned You to still our crying
And touch our darkened eyes with light of day.


You came to us, dear Jesus in our fearing
Our dread the lashing waves, the tempest still
Compassion Lord, drew You to us and nearing
To wind and water you said “Peace be still”


You came to us, dear Jesus in Your dying
Your wounds poured love as blood upon the tree
Compassion Lord, from Calvary is crying
“Bind up their wounds as You would do for me!”


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