NUGGETS [7/18/13]

If you’d never been struck by lightning, Daddy, I think my life would be different today. Sarah Ascol reflects on the night her father, Tom Ascol, was struck by lightning and the difference it has made in her life.

Why Mentoring for Pre-Marital Counseling? – Brad Hambrick explains why his church has moved to a marriage mentors instead of more traditional meetings with a counselor or pastor.

Listening: Nothing is More God-like – “Just how Godlike is listening? It’s what God does toward God. The Persons in the Godhead listen to each other.” Robert Jones counsels us well.

9 Things You Should Know About Social Media – Another list from Joe Carter.

Does the Regulative Principle Demand Exclusive Psalmody? – Robert Letham argues well for a balanced approach to worship music.

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