NUGGETS [8/7/13]

Describe a Person Well and You Win that Person – Ed Welch confesses that “secular counselors, on average, might do a little better at describing people’s hardships than biblical counselors. This is a problem.”

5 Reasons to Confront Even if You Hate Confrontation – “Remember that confrontations can be good and our many excuses to avoid them may be robbing us of the relationships we want.”

PCUSA Rejects Hymn “In Christ Alone” – Though the subject matter is not a surprise this article should evoke sadness in our hearts. “A wrathless god shorn of His justice is no god worth worshipping. Nor is he a god able to convict and save sinners. When wrath is taken away, so is the gospel. And that is why this discussion matters.”

The Best Book on Sexual Purity – Heath Lambert’s new book, Finally Free, gets Andy Naselli’s vote. “This is by far the single most helpful book on sexual purity for men that I’m aware of.”

Parenting: The Joyful Impossibility – In his stark honesty, Paul Tripp writes, “It’s humbling and a bit embarrassing to admit, but I sat in my car and dreamed of what it would be like to be single.”

A Powerful Vacation Sermon – “Yes, slightly Arminian at points, but give me a living Christ-filled sermon like this any day over our perfect fact-filled Reformed homilies that are so easy to listen to without listening.”

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