NUGGETS [8/8/13]

Lessons Learned from Unthinkable Sexual Abuse – “I recently learned that a missionary whom I have known and trusted for twenty years has, for his entire adult life, been a sexual predator.”

Counseling the Hard Cases – Check out the recent teaching sessions of Jeremy Pierre, Stuart Scott, Martha Peace, and Heath Lambert at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Are You a Part-Time Churchgoer? -“Recent statistics show that an increasing number of evangelicals who are firm in their faith are flabby in their practice of actually gathering with their brothers and sisters in worship. It’s the part-time syndrome, and it can sneak up on any of us.”

God’s Eye View of Conflict – “What does God see when He sees conflict? And what does He want us to see? When we don biblical glasses to look at conflict, three hope-giving perspectives emerge.”

Gay Marriage and the Mission of the Church – “It takes a fair amount of biblical muscle to get ones’ mind around the fact that a decision can simultaneously violate Scripture yet still be allowed by God for our good and His glory.”

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