NUGGETS [8/21/13]

Making Faces – Scot Oliphant warns us, “The craftiness and subtlety of Satan is not always visible to the naked eye. It hides beneath the surface, like a snake under a rock, remaining cool and aloof from the searing heat of the battle.”

The Pastor’s Family – My friend Brian Croft announces that his newest book has finally arrived.

We Cannot Manipulate God – “Religion is always teaching us to approach God based on formulas: “If you do this, God will do this.” It is mechanical and guaranteed. I’ve followed God’s rules, so he owes me a happy marriage (or a healthy family, or a prospering business, etc.). But that sort of “faith” is faith in a formula, not a person.”

Dear Pastor, Bring Your Bible to Church – “To insult our use of technology is one of the seven deadly sins in the 21st century. Technology infiltrates and saturates everything we do, and therefore defines everything we are, for better or worse. But is this subtle shift changing the way we read the Scriptures? Is it ever-so-quietly removing the visual centerpiece of the local assembly?”

Nothing in Your Suffering Is Meaningless – At The Works of God, John Knight shares encouraging commentary from John Piper.

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