NUGGETS [10/5/13]

Take 20 minutes this weekend to read these 5 helpful articles:

You’re Always Being Fed–It’s Sometimes Just Cotton Candy – “Cotton candy preaching works against itself. Whatever methodology a pastor works from, his goal is the same: to see people grow in their faith. The problem is, this kind of preaching doesn’t do that.”

George and Barbara Witness a Wedding – “It is incoherent to say that you cannot officiate at a same-sex wedding because you believe it to be wrong, and then turn around and say that you would attend a same-sex wedding and join in the celebration.”

Will Anyone Speak Against Worldliness? – “There is an elephant in the room of Evangelicalism that very few want to talk about. If we bring it up, we face ridicule and labels.”

Me-Ness or Meekness? – “Meekness is not weakness. It is strength – but not uncontrolled and abusive strength. It is strength – under control for the benefit of others.”

How to Become More Consistent in Your Daily Journaling – “…like most people, I struggled with consistency. I wanted to journal. I was convinced of the benefits. But I found myself blowing it off with increasing frequency. Sound familiar?  Several months ago I stumbled onto something that solved the problem. Not one hundred percent of the time, but most of the time.”

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