NUGGETS [10/12/13]

I encourage you to take 15 minutes this weekend to read these three articles.

How the Ayers Family Buried their Eight Children – “When I first discovered the Ayres family story in Fairview Cemetery, I was heartbroken as I realized their continual suffering (and imagined my own suffering magnified eight or nine times). But as I read the testimonies of these parents who chiseled God’s Word on the memorial stones of their children, I saw God’s grace at work in their suffering, just as it is in our family’s suffering.”

The Porn-Free Family – “Since I have traveled around speaking on the subject of technology, I’ve learned even more about just how harmful it can be to allow children or teenagers free reign when it comes to their devices and their access to the Web. We are handing power tools to children and acting surprised when they get badly hurt.”

20 Tips for Personal Devotions in the Digital Age – “Yesterday we looked at 18 Obstacles to A Devotional Life in the Digital Age. Today I want to give you some tips to keep your spiritual head above the water in the face of the digital deluge.”

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