NUGGETS – The Pastor’s Wife [10/23/13]

Recently, I was reminded of this helpful series of articles published by The Gospel Coalition.

Battling Discouragement as a Pastor’s Wife – Amie Patrick: “Overall, I’ve learned that struggling with discouragement as a pastor’s wife isn’t something I have to fear or manage on my own. I’ve experienced God’s faithfulness as he’s carried me through the struggle of discouragement more than I ever did by trying to fearfully tiptoe around it by myself. Today, I’m confident I can take my discouraged heart straight to our gracious and merciful God.”

The Pastor’s Wife Is a Pastor’s Wife – Gloria Furman: “After we got married I was excited for my husband to be a church planter. But there was one thing about being a pastor’s wife that terrified me . . .  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would never be able to measure up to everyone’s expectations.”

The Pastor’s Wife and Her First Love – Gloria Furman: “Ministry can be overwhelming with its complex web of relationships and bouts of intense busyness. Factor in cultural complications and various seasons of life and you’ve got a recipe for potential anxiety, discouragement, and fatigue. As pastors’ wives, our extreme circumstances make it easy for us to forget that our relationship with God is the predominant, defining relationship in our lives.”

The Pastor’s Wife and Her Primary Ministry – Gloria Furman: “To state it negatively, a pastor’s wife’s ministry to her husband and family should not be regarded as nominal and diminishing in comparison to other opportunities to serve in the church.”

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