A Resource for Parents and Counselors of Youth

Last week, I was pleased to receive a review copy of the just-released, updated and revised edition of Keith & Patricia Miller’s Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Youth. From abortion to worry this helpful resource addresses 129 subjects—providing biblical counsel for parents and counselors of youth. Topics include many common temptations and sin struggles including:

  • Anger, Authority problems, Critical spirit
  • Dating, Eating struggles, Flirting
  • Homosexuality, Masturbation
  • Music, Singleness, Thought life
  • and so much more…

The authors explain their approach and how to use this resource. “We have made every effort to be true to context. For those texts for which the context does not totally fit, we believe the principle (timeless, universal truth) does apply to the topic at hand. Many of the Old Testament passages refer, in context, to Israel. Yet the principles reflecting God’s care for his people and interest in their welfare can clearly be seen. Our use of passages from the Mosaic law reflects our conviction that the traditional moral, civil, and ceremonial distinctions for that code are correct. God’s moral law, as summarized in the Ten Commandments, is applicable for all people, for all time. Though the civil and ceremonial laws are not our rule of life in this age of grace, they do reflect the mind of God on issues of right and wrong. Thus we have drawn principles from them for the topics.”

Get your copy of this updated resource here.

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