Perfect Security

Where should my sense of security come from? That’s a vital question. Here’s how Paul Tripp counseled me last evening.

If you are God’s child, you are the object of the love of the Person who rules everything that there is to rule.

It’s fundamentally impossible to be in a situation, location, or relationship where he is not present. It’s impossible for anything to exist outside of the sphere of his control. It’s impossible for anything or anyone to be more powerful than him. It’s impossible for anything or anyone to be wiser than him. It’s impossible for what he desires and has chosen and planned not to come to be. He rules every microbe of physical and spiritual creation. There is no rule of law that stands above him. There is no one to whom he must answer. He is perfect in every way, existing entirely without flaw of will or character. He is the beginning and epicenter of everything that’s good, loving, wise, and true. He never forgets, and he never fails to deliver on any of his promises. And Scripture says that he exercises his rule for the sake of his body, the church (see Eph. 2:22-23).

You are secure not because you have control or understanding. You are secure even though you are weak, imperfect, and shortsighted. You are secure for one reason and one reason alone: God exists and he is your Father, He will never leave your side.

[Excerpt from A Shelter in the Time of Storm.]

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