NUGGETS for Pastors and Other Leaders [3/15/14]

If you are a pastor or any other leader then you will find these articles interesting, convicting, and perhaps affirming in some ways. If you are a church member then these articles will make you a more effective prayer warrior for your pastor.

7 Ways the Lord Uses Depression in the Life of a Minister – I can really relate to this article by Mike Leake. I too “am one of those ministers that battles seasons of deep depression. These ‘fits of melancholy’ can be quite confusing to the pastor.”

Ranking the 9 Toughest Leadership Roles – This Forbes magazine article begins, “While spending a quarter-century dabbling across the worlds of education, business, media, politics, religion and nonprofits, it gradually became clear to me that leaders who flourish in one realm may fizzle or even fail spectacularly in another one.”

Ten Teaching Tips from Derek Thomas – David Murray, pastor of Grand Rapids Free Reformed Church, shares what he learned from a Ligonier video he is taking his adult Sunday school class through.

Upcoming ABC Annual Conference: Helping and Loving Our Pastors –  Check out this conference on restoring ministry and restoring marriage.

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