Active Spirituality

Understanding the role of the Holy Spirit and our role in sanctification is critical to a proper, practical outworking of the Christian life. In my twenty-two years as a pastor, I perhaps preached on this “necessary tension” more than any other aspect of progressive sanctification, i.e. becoming like Christ. That’s why I am pleased to introduce you to a new book that the author Brian Hodges calls Active Spirituality.

In  Active Spirituality, pastor Brian allows us to read someone else’s mail — a series of warm pastoral letters, written to a young Christian, about the paradox of grace and effort in the life of faith.

  • “Is my Christian life about trying or trusting?”
  • “Would I describe my relationship to God as running or resting?”
  • “Is my life more characterized by grace or effort?”

The wisdom in the letters makes clear that it is both: trying and trusting, running and resting, dependence on grace and exerting disciplined effort. This balance is not about getting my doctrine right, but is key to living a healthy Christian life. Here the endorsement I wrote for Brian’s newest book:

“Biblically balanced, theologically precise, and warmly pastoral, Active Spirituality will counsel your mind, encourage your heart, and feed your soul. Chew on its nourishing truth and you are sure to grow as you pursue the holiness that can only be empowered by God’s grace.”

Get Active Spirituality from the publisher’s website (50% off) where you can also watch a 3-minute video in which Brian introduces his book. It’s also available at Amazon—in paperback or Kindle.

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