“When Sinners Say ‘I Do'” Conference

The Biblical Counseling Training Center of Arizona is pleased to announce that Dave Harvey is scheduled to be the main speaker for their 2014 Fall Conference, October 24-25, which will be hosted by Sovereign Grace Church in Gilbert, Arizona.

Dave Harvey is the author of When Sinners Say “I Do”: Discovering the Power of the Gospel for Marriage. Dave’s conference messages will include the following:

  1. When Sinners Say “I Do”: Sin
  2. When Sinners Say “I Do”: Mercy
  3. When Sinners Say “I Do” The Quest for Contentment

Additional workshops include:
“Marriage and Family: Faith for Barren Times” – Pastor Dave Harvey
“The Sufficiency of God’s Word & Counsel from Psalm 119” – Pastor Tom Angstead
“Yours, Mine, Ours, or God’s – The Blended Family” – Wayne & Sandi Nieman
“Prioritizing your First Love” – Pastor Trey Richardson
“High Signs” A Familiarization with Common Drugs and Their Effects – Pete Smith
“Our Role as Helper” – Charlotte Richardson
“Sufferology: Learning to Suffer with the Counselee” – Pastor Nick DeBenedetto
“What is Biblical Counseling?” – Pastor Darrell Gustafson
“Applying Mathew 18 in Dealing with a Troublesome Spouse” – Joseph Godal
“When it Hurts to Live!” – Understanding the World of the Self-Injurer – Janet Gustafson
“Physicians of the Soul, the Puritans and Counseling” – Pastor John Giarrizzo
“My Marriage and the Gospel” – Pastor Rich Richardson

Watch this video introduction from Dave Harvey.

Register for the conference here.

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