Deeply Devoted to You

The past few days, I’ve been reading One Cry by Byron Paulus and Bill Elliff (See yesterday’s post). At the end of the chapter that focuses on returning to our first love—loving Christ—Elliff penned this poem as he reflected on the forgiven Mary who expressed her love for Jesus by pouring out her expensive perfume and wiping His feet with her hair. Lord, give us this simple, yet deeply devoted love—for You.

She sensed the subtle sadness in His eyes,
She felt it coming soon, His time was near.
What humble act that He would not despise
Would comfort and subdue His hidden tears?

She took the costly fragrance of her love,
And gave the all she had with sudden whim,
Anointing her Messiah from above,
She knelt before the Lord and worshipped Him!

And then, with not a thought of public shame,
She loosed the band that held her silken hair,
And out of adoration for this Name,
She ministered to Him with gentle care.

And suddenly the supper room was filled,
With fragrance of love unusually sweet.
The picture of this precious love had stilled
The others as they watched her at His feet.

What matchless love the Master can evoke;
What ardor doth spring forth from hearts He’s touched.
And though we were not there the night He spoke,
O, Jesus, may we love you ere that much!

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