2 New Counseling Resources from RBP

One of the blessings of being a blogger is receiving review copies of new resources on discipleship, counseling, and Christian growth. Though I do not have time to read and review all of them, I like to inform you of new resources that may strengthen your personal walk with the Lord and your one-another ministry. Recently, I received these two new, noteworthy resources from Regular Baptist Press.

DependenceDependence in the Wilderness by Dr. Jeff Newman, DMin (Westminster Theological Seminary). This book is written both for counselors and for all believers who find themselves in the grip of suffering. With pastoral sensitivity and warmth, Jeff Newman directs readers’ attention to Psalm 63 and to the examples of David and Christ in the midst of their suffering. In the Foreword, Ed Welch says the author is “an excellent guide” through Psalm 63 an encourages the reader to walk slowly through this rich resource. Psalm 63 reveals David’s three pursuits in the wilderness. These were Christ’s pursuits as well. Study these three pursuits in depth, learning to apply them to your own life so that you, too, can experience hope and direction in the wilderness.

addictionAddiction: A Family Affair by Pamela Russell is a manual for use in counseling the families of substance abusers. While there is a great deal of material available on counseling substance abusers themselves, the needs of the abuser’s family is often overlooked. Even if the abuser will not seek counseling, this material will help loved ones respond biblically. The author formerly served as director of Almond Tree, a substance abuse ministry for believers and churches. Pam has two decades of experience in counseling and correctional settings; she is an Indiana Law Enforcement chaplain, an ACBC certified counselor, and the national director of Women’s Ministry for the Capital Commission.

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