Ways to Prepare for Tomorrow’s Church Service, Today

When we reflect on Hebrews 12:18-29, it becomes clear that God exalts Himself in the gatherings of His people, and that we anticipate approaching our great God with reverence and awe. Take a few minutes to open your Bible and read that passage.

If God, Who is “a consuming fire,” receives worship from sinners like you and me (indeed He seeks it! – John 4:23), should we not be intentional in how we approach Him? If worship demands reverence and awe should we not prepare to meet our God? Yes, and yes.

So, let me suggest a few ways you could take time to prepare for tomorrow’s worship service, today.

Spend some time delighting in the Word of God

  • Read Psalm 32 or 51 and spend time in confession
  • Read some Scriptures about worship (E.g. Psalms 95-100)
  • For communion Sundays: read one or more Gospel accounts of the crucifixion
  • For communion Sundays: do everything in your power to resolve interpersonal conflicts (Romans 12:18); seek forgiveness (Matthew 5:24) so that you may knowingly take the bread and cup in an unworthy manner and bring judgment upon yourself (1 Corinthians 11:27-32)

Read a chapter from a devotional-style book, or a book on the attributes of God such as The Knowledge of the Holy (Tozer), Knowing God (Packer), or Attributes of God (Pink).

Spend time in prayer for…

  • Service participants: ushers and greeters, Scripture readers, musicians, choir, songleader, preacher, elders and deacons, nursery workers, Bible class teachers, visitors, and unbelievers who may be present
  • If you teach a Bible class, pray for your students, other classes and fellow teachers
  • Your fellow worshipers
  • Yourself, that your heart will be reverent and filled with awe, teachable, and desirous to change. Pray you will be prepared to speak an edifying word to at least one other believer.

Discipline your mind with song

  • Create a playlist of worship music for your phone or tablet
  • Fill the house and car with good worshipful music
  • Sing some psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs

The purpose of these personal preparations is to sensitize your heart and mind to meet the Lord in corporate worship and minister to your brothers and sisters in Christ.

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