Nuggets of Wisdom [10/29/15]

Take Halloween Captive – Personally our family has never celebrated Halloween, but David Mathis argues for using the occasion for evangelism, “Halloween is not a threat. It’s an opportunity.”

More Than Two-Thirds of Patients on Anti-Depressants Not Depressed – David Murray provides 6 good points to think about when counseling depressed persons. I especially appreciate #1 and #6.

4 Building Blocks to a Healthy Relationship with Food – Brad Hambrick continues his helpful series on the believer’s relationship to food.

The Reformation Gave Us a Seat at the Table – Kevin DeYoung: “Let us not come to the Lord’s Supper with drudgery and low expectations. If you shed a tear at the Table, let it not be out of boredom but out of gratitude and sheer wonder and delight.”

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