Nuggets of Wisdom [1/30/16]

Here’s a handful of articles and links that I was personally edified by this past week:

Kill Your (Celebrity Culture) Worship – “I would argue that the problem isn’t contemporary innovations, and the answer isn’t (necessarily) tradition. The problem is with the church’s understanding of the purpose and goal of worship. What are we seeking to accomplish with our gatherings? Is the church gathering for the purpose of robustly forming people with the story of the gospel, with remembering and renewing her covenant with God? And is everything that happens in the gathering serving that end?”

Fresh Versions of 2 Great HymnsIt Is Well by Austin Stone; There Is a Fountain by Norton Hall Band.

12 Church Enemies – “Every pastor will eventually have to face enemies within the church, people who are dedicated to damage and even destroy them. As these enemies have a range of motives and methods, and can be deadly if not recognized early, here’s a selection of the kinds of enemies that can be found in many churches (some belong to more than one category – some belong to all!)”

When It Comes to People, Take the Long Route – “[A] quick reaction–to a dangerous person, based on accurate bias–can help us protect ourselves. But when these mental shortcuts are applied to the vast majority of human interactions, they are nothing but destructive. They build walls, reinforce fences, tighten chains, and keep people out in the cold….I must acknowledge, though, that no amount of effort can change our thinking the way God can. We can work to be better people–but soul-deep transformation is the work of someone outside ourselves. Someone who knows our capabilities and limitations and who is the author of the very grace we need to receive and to give.”

The Backwards Brain Bicycle – A brother in the Lord shared this with me after we had a conversation about brain plasticity and putting off/putting on habits. It’s a great example of both.

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