Nuggets of Wisdom

When the Detour Becomes Your New Road – A wonderful post at Desiring God: “The old road often seems like it was more relaxing and easy to drive. The new road can be bumpy and twisty, narrow with sharp curves. And I find myself longing for the ease of what I used to have. But the new road has benefits too, perhaps not in ease but in seeing life differently.”

Do You Keep Your Commitments Even If It Hurts? – Jim Newheiser writes at the BCC blog: “I have been shocked by how easily some Christian leaders (even counselors) break their commitments. On the other hand, I have witnessed wonderful examples of Christian integrity.”

Legislation Introduced in Utah Declares Porn a “Public Health Crisis” – Covenant Eyes applauds Utah’s effort to recognize this growing health concern linked to many societal ills.

My Indebtedness to the Puritans – Joel Beeke: “While there are many ways that the Bible-saturated books of the Puritans have influenced me, I would like to highlight three special lessons I have learned from them about experiential, practical Christian living.”

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