Nuggets of Wisdom

What’s So Special about Singing on Sundays? – This is why singing in one voice with God’s people is a highlight of my week.

The Incomprehensible, Unimaginable, Life-Transforming Power that’s Ours for the Asking – “It is a power we can tap into any time day or night. We can come to the throne of grace in any time of need. Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us. His ears are attentive to our cries. And he is desirous, ready and waiting to unleash his awesome power in our lives.”

Raising Pure Kids in an Impure World – “It’s tempting to take a spitball approach when it comes to teaching kids about purity. We present a list of isolated truths about babies, STDs, and future spouses. But our children don’t need a handful of toppings; they need the whole pizza. Like every other issue, they need us to put “sexual purity” into the context of the gospel.”

Over-Complicating Accountability – “Accountability has become a formal word associated with groups and meetings and appointments. We’ve mistaken formality for intentionality. Accountability must be intentional or else it won’t happen. But when it becomes formal we usually stop being accountable. We’ve made it too complicated.”

Capturing Weak Women – “These women have fallen victim to false teachers. The teachers are creeping into their homes, sneaking past pastors and husbands, most likely by doing their work during the day when the women are available and others are occupied. Once in, they take these women captive, enslaving them to sin and error and despair.”

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