Nuggets of Wisdom

50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorder, and Too Many Suicides – Here’s a tragic example of the results of trying to change, from the outside, the gender design God created within every man or woman. “I looked like a woman—my legal documents identified me as a woman—yet I found that at the end of the ‘reprieve’ I wanted to be a man every bit as passionately as I had once yearned to be a woman.”

True Woman 16 – Revive Our Hearts announces this year’s women’s conference, Cry Out!

I Think I Broke His Brain (or at least his legalism) – “But there was this one kid who I could see was having a really hard time with everything. This guy is the poster-child for your church kids: he knows all the answers, he prays and practices the kneel our pastor uses, he sings louder than the other kids… He’s the kind of kid that I worry about sometimes, the one I find myself wanting to pray for more than some of the others.”

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