Soul Purity

Christians are crashing and burning on the runways of life. Through the TV, Internet, cell phones, newspapers, books, and magazines we are bombarded by the world’s temptations and attractions. The response of choosing isolation from the world doesn’t work: we fail to reach the people God has called us to reach, and we find that the problem comes with us in the sinful desires of our hearts. The opposite extreme, becoming like the world, turns Christians into people who are irrelevant. So how can we build pure lives in this generation? The Word of God has the answers. Soul-Purity

Soul Purity is a new workbook designed to be used by small groups, counselors, and individuals to help us get into God’s Word to find His help to be pure people in a world overcome with sensuality in all its forms. Written by pastor and biblical counselor, Dave Coats, this workbook fills a void in the ever-growing array of resources for biblical discipleship.

In the Foreword, David Murray of Puritan Reformed Seminary writes, “Soul Purity has been forged in the battlefield of personal sanctification….Over an eight-week period of manageable daily lessons, Dave systematically dismantles the heart idols that surround the sins of impurity, and gradually builds a new and powerful sense of the greatness and goodness of God. The mind is nurtured with daily readings, songs, meditations, and questions, all intended to renew the heart in the process.”

Bob Kellemen commends this new resource, saying: “Soul Purity is a rich, robust, relational resource. Other materials on this vital topic often move toward extremes: they are either too abstract or they are so “practical” that they lack a theological foundation. This work, on the other hand, beautifully balances theological depth with practical implementation. Coats focuses on the heart and conscience reminds me of the great Puritan soul physicians who blended the holiness of God and the horrors of sin with the forgiveness of Christ and the wonders of grace. I highly recommend this Christ-focused, gospel-centered workbook.”

Read an interview with the author and his wife here.

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