Nuggets [4/23/16]

Yesterday, my laptop crashed. So, today, while I was on speaker phone with tech support for several hours, I waded through several piles on my desktop (the top of my literal desk). As a result, I finally got around to reading some articles that others had passed on to me or I had collected over the past few months. Here’s a few I enjoyed.

7 Steps to a Sustainable Schedule – Mark Dance writes, “Most pastors I talk to are aspiring for some sanity in their schedules.”

Cereal Is Too Much Trouble for Millennials – A great article from the Washington Post, and an excellent illustration of the sluggard King Solomon wrote of, the one who puts his hand in the dish and is too lazy to bring food to his mouth  (Prov. 19:24).  Also an important article for parents to read. Let’s not forget to teach our kids how to do the dishes.

Songs and Thoughts from T4G – I love thinking about worship and so appreciate Bob Kauflin’s philosophy! Here are his thoughts from this month’s mega-conference in Louisville. “I had the joy of leading the music again this year. It’s a unique experience. A guy at a piano joined by ten thousand voices singing theologically rich, gospel-centered hymns, old and new.”

The Introvert’s Guide to Surviving the Church Greeting Time – The “paradise of introversion is not an option—Christianity is meant to be lived and experienced in community.”

How the Hillsong Cool Factor Changed Worship for Good and for Ill – A well-balanced and necessary critique: “Christians have made worship so individualistic and consumeristic, the church now looks more like a “concert hall,” where churchgoers operate as passive observers and critics, rather than a “banquet hall,” where they participate and commune together.”

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