Nuggets [5/5/16]

Here are some articles to chew on.

My Son’s Autism Changed Everything–Even Our Church – Sandra Peoples writes, “Like in our small church that rallied around my son following his autism diagnosis, many churches will soon realize it doesn’t take as much work as they fear. It just takes the body of Christ working together to meet the needs of each family who walks through their doors.”

Albert Mohler writes on the Crisis in American Democracy.

10 Tips for Visiting New Parents in the Hospital – Brian Croft offers sound advice.

Four Ways to Comfort a Grieving Friend – Kelly Needham bares her soul about grieving multiple miscarriages. “Each time someone tried to cheer me up by minimizing what I had lost, my soul was screaming, ‘But it mattered to me! That life was precious to me!'”

The Danger of “Fast Food” Conversation – Julie Lowe of CCEF asks, “How many families coexist for long periods of time living on “fast food” interactions? These conversations are quick, easy, and immediate. We talk about what is necessary to keep the family going. We say enough to make decisions, get through the day’s busy routine, or to provide correction to a child’s behavior. But we rarely stop and offer something constructive or something that edifies or gives grace.”

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