Nuggets [5/13/16]

The BCC Global Summit is coming soon, June 5-7.

12 Principles for Disagreeing with Other Christians – This is an excellent post adapted from a new book on the conscience.

Who and What Is an Evangelical? Evangelicals and Politics, Part 2 – “Evangelicals are marked by the gospel with accompanying theological convictions, they are not primarily defined politically, socially or culturally. This does not mean Evangelicals cannot be identified in any of these latter ways. They can be and they are. But it misses the mark of who and what Evangelicals are.”

A Plan for the Problem of Pornography – “Pornography diminishes our capacity for the human relationships God wants us to share for his glory. Sexual intimacy is designed to serve as the covenant cement that binds one woman to one man in a love relationship for life. But when our sexual experience is privatized through pornography, we treat sex as a means of selfish gratification rather than a joy to be shared with the man or the woman God has called us to love.”

Johns Hopkins Psychiiatrist: “Transgendered Men Don’t Become Women,” They Become “Feminized Men,” “Impersonators” – “The idea that one’s sexuality is a feeling and not a biological fact “is doing much damage to families, adolescents, and children and should be confronted as an opinion without biological foundation wherever it emerges.”

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