Nuggets [5/20/16]

5 Reasons to Join the Global Summit – “Even if you cannot travel to the Chicago area, that doesn’t need to stop you from experiencing the blessings of learning about how God is using biblical counseling to expand his kingdom purposes all over the world.”

Plain Preaching – I’m totally with Joel Beeke on this. Evangelicalism desperately needs more plain preaching. In my opinion, it is our greatest need.

Why Are We Flushing Thousands of Years Down the Toilet?  – “Why would the President and his supporters want to obliterate thousands of years of the most basic distinction of the planet? We’re left shaking our heads utterly perplexed. Why, why, why? Here are the only reasons I can think of…”

What’s the Compassionate Approach to the Transgender Bathroom Debate? – “Compassion is needed, that is for sure. But the discussion needs to center on the real protection of women and children rather than protection of the transgender movement. Compassion calls for wisdom and recognition of whose rights are actually being trampled.”

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