Nuggets of Wisdom [9/13/16]

Here’s a few links that I found helpful…

Lion or Lamb: Which Do You Need? – “Have you ever considered reading the book of Revelation when you needed some encouragement?”

Pastoral Ministry and the Struggle to Sleep – “We need to look at the regular shape of our week and ensure there’s ample time for sleep. God may or may not give us good sleep—that’s his sovereign choice—but if we don’t allow time for sleep, he can’t give us the restorative slumber we so need.”

Keys to a Multi-Generational Worship Ministry – Since I’ve always believed multi-generational worship is the pattern we see in Scripture, a powerful unifying factor, a demonstration of love, and a key element in cross-generational discipleship, this 23-minute podcast topic caught my attention.

Five Reasons It Is So Painful for a Pastor to Lose a Church Member – “’I don’t want you take this personally, pastor, but we are leaving the church.’ Yeah. Right. The church member might as well have stabbed the pastor with a knife while noting it was not personal.”

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