3 Reasons We Must Deal with Anger Biblically

It’s the third day of teaching here at Kiev Theological Seminary and we just finished up our class notes on anger. We learned how to biblically define anger, as well as the difference between righteous anger (which is extremely rare in human beings) and sinful anger. In contrast with the self-centered teachings of the unbelieving world, the Scriptures do not call us to “manage” anger but to recognize it as a fruit of the flesh (old man) that must be constantly put it away and, in its place, practice self-control and others-focused love.

We wrapped up this topic with three reasons we must deal with anger in a God-pleasing manner. The following outline is from Uprooting Anger by Robert Jones. I encourage you to work through these points and their corresponding Scriptures in your personal and/or small group study.

Reason #1: Avoiding injury to, and promoting the well-being of, your physical and spiritual health

Proverbs 14:29-30

Reason #2: Avoiding damage to, and promoting growth in, your interpersonal relationships

Ephesians 4:26-27

Reason #3: Avoiding God’s displeasure and bringing Him honor and delight

Colossians 3:5-11

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