Register Now for “Redeeming the Gift”

Last week, while reading Owen Strachan’s latest book, my heart was affirmed that our upcoming conference on biblical sexuality is being planned under the Holy Spirit’s direction. Strachan, president of the Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood, writes in The Grand Design: Male and Female He Made Them,

Pornography, adultery, homosexual marriage and transgenderism are not the main issues. Sin is the issue which makes engaging the culture with biblical sexuality a gospel opportunity. It’s a mission moment. At the very worst of times, when Satan seems to have the upper hand, God is using it for victory. Just look at the cross. For this battle we need Christians who are passionate but sober-minded, who think biblically and pray earnestly, and who will speak the truth in love. The real issue is whether the church will be silent….

We don’t want to destroy and discourage people; we want to win them. And we want to present a compelling gospel-shaped world to the culture through biblical manhood and womanhood. It’s about God’s authority to design His world. This is a mission moment that will define the church.

On February 17-18, our church will host Redeeming the Gift: God’s Design for Sexuality. This 1½ day conference will bring much-needed biblical clarity to a confusing conversation. Together we will learn what the Scriptures teach about God’s good design and how He has provided hope for each and every one of us in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, let me give you five reasons you should register. You will be helped personally and equipped for more effective gospel outreach and service to Christ in our confused world.

  • As parents, we will be given practical teaching on how to have “the talk” with our young children, and how to engage our teens and young adults on these topics from a biblical perspective. We encourage you to bring your high-school-aged children as part of your discipleship of them in the Lord’s ways.
  • Men, young and old, will be helped to reorient their understanding of sex from Scripture, according to God’s plan for this gift.
  • Women of all ages will receive instruction and encouragement on important matters related to biblical womanhood.
  • Every believer will be equipped to better understand the beauty of God’s original design for men and women, and how to engage others about this subject.
  • And every sinner (that’s all of us) will be directed to Christ and His gospel for the hope and promise of forgiveness, and the help of ongoing and sufficient grace for godliness.

I’m thankful for the courage of the Cornerstone elders and staff to take on this sensitive topic. I compel you to attend this timely and important event. Please take a moment to register now. Early bird discount ends this Sunday, January 8th. Looking forward to seeing you!

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