BJU’s New Philosophy of Biblical Counseling

Last month, Bob Jones University published a new statement concerning their philosophy of biblical counseling. The statement thoroughly explains the university’s theological view of counseling, their interdisciplinary approach to counseling, and briefly introduces the reader to BJU’s training program. I was really delighted by what I read and provided the following endorsement:

As a pastor who believes that the personal ministry of the Word of God is both a biblical mandate and essential to the work of one-another discipleship, I found BJU’s philosophy of biblical counseling a delight to read. This pleasant document is wisely crafted to maintain a balance that is biblically faithful, Christ-centered, kind in its explanation of differences which exist among believers, and compassionate in its approach to the care of human souls.

The statement has just been made available online. I encourage you to download and read it for your own edification. Here’s the downloadable PDF.

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