King David’s Mission Statement

“Nowadays Psalm 101 would be called ‘David’s Mission Statement’. We can picture him at the start of his monarchy setting out the sort of king he intends to be, the ‘court’ he will assemble, and with what objectives he will rule his people. The fact that—in the Bible’s honest way—we know how he failed, does not take away from the fact that this is a noble statement, and one from which every one of us, whether in leadership or simply in the course of influence can draw lessons. We cannot, of course, set about purging society as David vowed (101:8), but we can pray that our leaders will do so: like the old prayer says, ‘the punishment of wickedness and vice and the maintenance of godly living and virtue’. We are, though, often in a position to determine who our close associates will be—or our marriage partners (6-7). One thing, however, is vital—to start where David started.” [Alec Motyer, Psalms By the Day]

So, where did David start? Let’s consider three priorities of this king, as revealed in Psalm 101.

“The Lord will be the center of my thinking” (vv. 1-2a).

David committed himself to sing of God’s steadfast love and justice. He consciously chose to ponder the Lord’s way, and follow it.

“Personal holiness will be my personal goal” (vv. 2b-4).

David longed to “walk with integrity of heart” within his house, refusing to set before his eyes the “worthless” things. He strived to habitually turn away from perversity.

“I will choose my close companions wisely” (vv. 5-8).

David chose to not be close friends with those whose tongues never stop wagging. Instead it was the blameless man who ministered to the king through close friendship. These relationships strengthened his walk with the Lord and his ability to carry out His will. Scripture repeatedly testifies of the influence, both harmful and helpful, of the friends we choose.

All three of these choices made by David are wise personal growth goals for each of us!

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