Take time this weekend to read these valuable articles…

Your Letter to Your Future Spouse – “Though Titanic is now twenty years old, the same romance-as-savior theme is still present in our culture. But surprisingly, many churches don’t reject this lie. They Christianize it.”

Theophany and Theodicy, Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Practice – “It has been my experience that my personal pain and suffering has been resolved by the caring presence of another person or the caring presence of God.”

Six Benefits of Ordinary Daily Devotions – “Brick upon brick a building is built. Lesson upon lesson a degree is earned. Stroke upon stroke a painting is created. Your devotions may have seemed ordinary today, but God is making something extraordinary through it. Press on. Don’t short-change the process.”

I Want to Be Baptized Even if it Kills Me – A testimony from Honduras.

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