Loneliness During the Holidays

Holidays can be the loneliest time of the year for some people. Small or large gatherings often serve as fresh reminders of who’s not there. Whether caused by death, divorce, or something else, the pain of the empty chair is very real. Of this, Deborah Howard writes, “Some might say they can never get over losing their loved one. And I’d tell them, ‘You’re right.  You won’t get over that loss, but you can get through it.’ We can move past pain and loneliness to a place of contentment and joy. No, it won’t be the same life, but it can still be rich, fulfilling, and full of God’s love and grace.”

That’s the topic of an Iron Sharpens Iron radio interview that I was privileged to be part of last week, as Chris Arnzen (a widower himself) and I discuss the pain of loneliness and the ministry of God’s grace through His words and His people. Listen to the podcast here.

RESOURCES mentioned on the podcast:

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