Nuggets of Wisdom [1/8/18]

A few leadership articles to read…

How to Discourage Your Minister in the New Year – “I recently had someone come to see me who was struggling in their church. In all honesty it would have been hard to be more depressed by what they had to say.”

Receiving Criticism – “Through the years of criticism, these are some principles that the Lord has helped me develop to cope in God-honoring ways.”

What Pastors Want From Their Elder Board – “Elders, your pastor doesn’t need your unwavering loyalty, nor does he need a “loyal opposition” to keep him in check. He needs those who will serve alongside him, be willing to stick out their necks along with him, and remember that he is just as human and fallible as you are.” Read the follow-up, too: What Board Members Want From Their Pastor.

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