4th Reason to Study Lamentations

Previously, we noted three reasons God gave us the book of Lamentations. First, to show us the awful reality of sin so that our hearts will long for reconciliation with God. Second, to remind us how much we need God’s faithfulness, mercy, and love. Third, to reveal his sovereign faithfulness in both judgment and mercy. And finally, let us consider a fourth reason to study this Old Testament book.

Reason #4 – To foster prayer and worship in the face of tragedy, pain, sorrow, and devastation—and increase our anticipation of the glory to come (cf. point 2 above; see also all of chapter 5).

The final song, found in chapter 5, is a prayer. Lamentations should help us understand how we can pray and worship in the face of devastation—even the devastation of sin and its consequences. And worship is man’s deepest need, highest joy, and everlasting privilege. Such worship will thus help the sufferer process the grief, horror, and pain of sin’s consequences—until the God of all comfort wipes away every tear from our eyes (Revelation 21:1ff).

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