Handling Pressure the Way Jesus Did

Life can become so filled with pressure that it becomes “a matter of doing rather than being,” says Philip De Courcy, pastor of Kindred Community Church in Anaheim, CA, and preacher on the Know the Truth radio program.

There’s no margins, no room to breathe. It seems no matter how hard we work, we still feel like we’re falling behind. Do you feel like that? When you get up in the morning, do you feel like a prisoner to the next thing or feel like there’s a list a mile high hanging over your head? In the pressures of the daily grind, our hearts become swamped with feelings of fatigue, frustration, and futility. Our heads are spinning as fast as the world is revolving, if not faster.

How should we handle pressure? Jesus teaches by His own example. Take a moment to read Mark 3:7-19.

In this passage, Pastor De Courcy shows how Jesus handled pressure by practicing three disciplines.

  1. Get Away: Jesus escaped to a quiet place. “People who take no time away from people ultimately become ineffective when with people….The body must be allowed to catch up with the soul. Failure to do so will leave us frazzled and irritable and less useful to God.”
  2. Pray: Jesus got away to pray. “Prayer to Jesus was a release valve….When pressure builds up and problems mount, and we don’t think we can take one more step or face one more day, the answer is to pray.”
  3. Relay: Jesus delegated ministry to others. Jesus “relied on others to help and multiplied His influence…He invited others onto His team to share in the responsibility.”

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