Raising Teens in a Hyper-Sexualized World

Raising Teens in a Hyper-Sexualized World is a simple, 45-page book that gives parents immediate help. The author, Eliza Huie, is a parent and Christian counselor who takes us through, practically, how to walk with our teens in the midst of this hyper–sexualized world. This book is for parents who need help right now. It is for parents who are fearful they have waited too long or haven’t talked enough. It is for parents whose teens are making concerning choices. It is for parents who think their teens have escaped being challenged in the area of sexuality.

The book’s content consists of seven tips which come in the form of what not to do, yet does so without giving a sense of judgment or failure. Instead, this short book takes a look at the value of re-framing the mistakes both parents and teens may have already made and gives a hopeful picture of how our compassionate Father moves toward us in weakness.

Seven Tips

  1. Don’t overreact. “In situations like this it is very challenging for parents to know how to respond. As a parent your heart is breaking. You question yourself and your child all at the same time. Perhaps there is anger mixed with pain.”
  2. Don’t preach or lecture. “This doesn’t mean that you will not speaking into their lives. You will. It means that conversations look very different in the teen years. Talk less and listen more.”
  3. Don’t disconnect. “Stay connected to their relationships. Know their friends. Make their friends comfortable when they are in your home. No matter how messy, stinky, or loud they may be, welcome them.”
  4. Don’t think, “Not my kid.” “Adopting the mindset that your kids won’t struggle with sexual sin and temptation because of their Christian family, carefully guarded influences, or schooling choice is probably one of the most dangerous ideas to believe when it comes to raising teens.”
  5. Don’t avoid discussing the changes they are experiencing. “Walking with our teenagers in this can help them understand how to keep these natural changes in line with what God has laid out for their sexuality.”
  6. Don’t underestimate the role you play in your teen’s life. “Talking to your kids early about sex does not incite temptation; it causes them to see this is a subject that can be talked about with you.”
  7. Don’t send the wrong messages about sex. “If the only time you mention sex is in talking about how to avoid it, you may send them the message that sex is a bad thing and this could not be further from the truth.”

This little book from an experienced counselor gives hope-filled counsel to parents, guiding them to create an environment where failure is not final, but where every failure is part of their story that God is writing and redeeming.

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