Raising Kids in a Screen-Saturated World

Our lives are influenced by technology like never before. Screens and devices have become a part of our daily lives bringing many benefits, as well as challenges – not least to the area of parenting. Our kids are digital natives, never having known a world that wasn’t saturated with screens, their knowledge and experience rapidly outstrip that of even the most technologically literate parents. Raising them to make safe and godly choices in this area is difficult as many of us are still working out how to use technology wisely ourselves.

In her latest book, Raising Kids in a Screen-Saturated World, Eliza Huie gives 5 tips to help us parent in this screen-saturated world. Her advice is biblical, practical, and non-judgmental as she explores how we can use our access to technology to help ourselves and our kids grow in love for God and service to one another.

Here’s my endorsement: “Timely, discerning, and balanced. Eliza Huie provides parents with a reliable compass for navigating wisely in this digital age.”

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My forthcoming book in this parenting series is called Raising Kids in a ‘You Can Do It! World” and will be released in November.

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