Six Personal Responsibilities of God-Centered Worship

Last Sunday, as we continued our From Garden to Garden sermon series, we spent our time with Solomon at the dedication of the temple in 1 Kings 8. Together, we took note of six responsibilities we must embrace in order to maintain God-centered worship.

To be God-centered in our worship we must…

  1. Recognize the priority and authority of the Word of God (vv. 1-9).
  2. Respect the glory and presence of God (vv. 10-13).
  3. Remember the promise-keeping character of God (vv. 14-21).
  4. Request a listening ear, and forgiveness, from God (vv. 22-53).
  5. Receive words of God’s blessing and promise (vv. 54-61).
  6. Respond with sacrifice and gladness in God (vv. 62-66).

You may listen to the sermon by searching on the title “God-Centered Worship” here.

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