The 50% Lie – “You’ve heard it repeatedly on radio, podcasts, and TV. You’ve read it in various books and articles. You’ve even heard it in your pastor’s sermon. The problem: it’s a lie.”

A Hidden Epidemic God Hates – “It seems appropriate to define domestic spiritual abuse before we go any further. Domestic spiritual abuse is using Scripture, biblical principles, or one’s spiritual authority to control a family member for selfish gain.”

Gender, Sexuality, and the Church – an upcoming conference you may want to attend

God Uses Damaged Goods – “When life hits us hard, we feel like something is broken and unfixable inside of us. We consider ourselves to be flawed and no longer valuable or desirable because of something we have done or something that was done to us. We believe our lives are ruined due to a tragedy or a painful history. Feelings of shame, guilt, and worthlessness become our identity and control our lives.”

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