TWO ADAMS – Which One Are You “In”?

To go to heaven we must have more than forgiveness. We must also possess righteousness. But where does this righteousness come from? Romans 5:12-21 simply and clearly communicates the bad news of Adam, and the good news of Jesus Christ.

  • The bad news was brought into the world by a man named Adam. 
  • When he sinned, as the representative of the human race, all human beings sinned. 
  • Therefore, we stand condemned before God. The just punishment for this sentence of condemnation is eternal death. 

But there is good news!

  • The Good News was brought into the world by the Last Adam, the God-man, Jesus Christ. 
  • All who repent and come to Him by faith, trusting in Him, are given His perfect righteousness, and are justified by God. 
  • This declaration of “righteous” in the courtroom of heaven forever changes your legal standing before God.
  • And you receive the gift of eternal life.

Whose family are you in? Listen to, or watch, the sermon, Two Adams.

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